What does it mean to be a Christian?


A Christian is someone who is becoming like Christ.  It sounds simple, but it's only possible through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Fully God and fully man, Jesus came to this earth, lived  a perfect life, died to pay for everything we did wrong, and rose  from the dead so that we could enjoy life with Him (Loving God, Loving people and Living Surrendered).  He's already done everything for our salvation. Our role is to surrender our life to Him and follow Him.  

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 Personal Testimonies





When I was six years old I realized that I was a sinner and I knew that I needed forgiveness. After hearing how Jesus loved me and died for me, I prayed to receive Him as my Savior. I've gone through ups and downs in life, but Jesus’ love is the only peace you can truly know. He promises hope in an otherwise hopeless world.      Tanya


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