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2016.06.20 20:56:16


 “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer” Luke 22:15


Once upon a time a super spiritual couple came to church.  Their righteousness soon became obvious to everyone.  They carried huge study Bibles.  They were doctrinally correct and didn’t mind telling you so.  The deepest mysteries of theology that Godly scholars have studied through the ages?  This couple had all that figured out.  They also didn’t mind setting you straight if you seemed confused.


    They had the Christian life all figured out.  They knew how to talk and dress like Christians.  Their kids were more holy than anyone else’s kids.  They stood against all the right things, from Harry Potter to Halloween, to The Simpsons.  They didn’t read novels, watch movies, use tobacco products, vote for democrats, or buy on credit.  And they didn’t have any tattoos or piercings.


They were very careful to do everything “God’s Way”.  


 But I noticed something about this couple.  They were ungracious.   They were unloving.

They erected barriers between people.  They hurt feelings.  They destroyed relationships.  They drove people away from Jesus instead of inviting people closer to Jesus. 


For them, being right and correct was the most important thing, along with making sure that everyone else knew they were right and correct.  They had left a trail of broken relationships in churches all over, but they were right and correct about everything.


So it struck me as very curious when they skipped communion.  Habitually.


They didn’t have time.  They were in a hurry.  They had other things to do.  It just wasn’t important.  After all, you don’t have to take The Lord’s Supper to be saved, right? 


Well, yeah, but….  Jesus said if you love me you will obey my commands.  And what could be simpler than taking communion?  I mean, as far as commands go, that’s not as hard as loving your neighbor, or avoiding gossip, or praying without ceasing, or giving thanks in everything. 


 Jesus didn’t command us to figure out every little question of doctrine and theology.  He just said, “Do This.”  That seems pretty plain and simple to me.  But this simple command requires gathering in loving kindness with radically flawed brothers and sisters.  I guess some people are above all that.


     The most “spiritual” people know how to obey Jesus wholeheartedly in the simple things.


This super spiritual couple moved on.  Last I heard they were looking for something “deeper”.


I hope they find what they’re looking for, but I don’t think they will.  If you won’t obey Jesus in a simple thing like “Do This in Remembrance of Me” you won’t be going very deep.


I’ll see you at the next Lord’s Supper!


Pastor John Flowers



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